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We get it right, right from the start with our comprehensive bid process — taking the time to understand the project from start to finish, planning and putting the right people in the right places. Carefully following safety standards. Making adjustments when needed and keeping a steady focus on the project goals. We get the job done and done right.

Each job is unique. The flawless processes are just as exciting as the jobs that present challenges. Each one allows us to expand and develop the skills of our staff. It’s exciting to see our team step up and achieve results that were insurmountable for other companies.


We earn the right results by the satisfaction of our clients as well as the feedback from our team. When our team is proud of their work, and the client is happy, that means a lot.



MYCO has earned a solid reputation through hard work and proactive thinking. We take responsibility for seeing each project through to completion. That means understanding all parts of the job, projecting through the “what ifs,” communicating clearly and doing whatever it takes to deliver as promised. Here are some of the projects we have experience in:


Public work

Multi Prime Jobs

Federal Government Facilities

State Facilities

Pharmaceutical Facilities

Chemical Facilities

Military Facilities

K-12 Educational Facilities

Higher Ed Educational Facilities

Institutional Facilities

Technology & Equipment

By embracing the latest technology, we’ve created a level of accuracy for all materials that go out to a site. Information collected at the job site by our 3D scanner integrates to our REVIT software and VDC staff in the office and is accessible through laptops and tablets in the field. This constant communication results in more accurate dimensions, higher quality installations, and efficiencies in cost and time.

These technologies not only help us to perform faster and more accurately, but they also provide a better place for our employees to work, while getting the best product to the owner.

3D Revit with Navisworks clash detection / BIM360 cloud based work-sharing

Viewpoint Accounting Software for project management

Blue Beam PDF markup / photos software

iPads / technology / online prints / time tracking in field

Trimble Robotic Total Stations / Trimble Connect

Trimble 3-D Scanner

The Right Results

success is evident in our Case studies

Private School
Case Study
Jr. High School
Case Study
Shopping Mall
Case Study
College Sports Facility
Case Study
Middle School
Case Study
Elementary School
Case Study
Military Depot
Case Study

What our Clients Say

Our culture is shaped by the people who work at MYCO and it is revealed in the words of the customers we work for. 

"In our industry, the reliability, the predictability, the mutual partnership, the mutual success, mutual goal, are invaluable things and have worth. So whenever MYCO is at least competitive on an opportunity, we’ll pay a premium to have them be an active part of the team because there’s value that you just don't get everywhere."

"Tom has my cell number, I have his, and he’s very good. If there’s an issue that might be a little sensitive to the district, whether it’s time or money, he’ll give me a head’s up ahead of time. He’ll say, “Hey I just want to run this by you before you get something formal, I want to see what you think” and that’s appreciated, or if he wants to clarify something, he will just call me."

Sr. Project Manager, multiple projects

"MYCO uses the latest techniques. When they did our chiller project at Mall of Columbia in MD, we had to fit two new chillers in through a very small opening into a plant, without impacting operations of a shopping center. They 3d modeled the entire thing and prefabbed the piping and the movement in their shop. So when they came onsite, everything just slid in neatly, an extremely clean installation, with no impact to our business."

Property Owner / Developer


"I manage 84 shopping centers across the US, that’s complete operations for half our portfolio, so I’m too busy to day-to-day manage projects. I need a contractor who I can say go and not have to babysit, and know it’s going to be taken care of, and done well. MYCO is one of the few contractors I have found across the US that can do that. I get my review of the project on a timely basis, they’re complete, they’re concise, the quality of their work is excellent, and you know it just makes my life easy. And that’s the key."

Property Owner / Developer

"Compared to other contractors, with MYCO the goal seems to be the quality of the project and having a satisfied client at the end, as opposed to just getting the job done, as fast as they can and making the most money. Surely they want to make money on the project, but the way they go about it is to do a good job rather than just being expedient."

Mechanical Engineer, multiple projects

"Whenever we have large, complex, mechanical projects, they are definitely at the top of the list of the people we call and say “Hey, how are we going to do that?” Right now they’re changing out the entire hot water system of a shopping center in Nebraska. It’s a very large project, and they have to be done before it gets cold. Their timeline was extremely tight, and they came in at the right number, and they’re going to hit the dates, so where there’s not a lot of room for error, they are a great partner."

Property Owner / Developer


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