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This was a complex project to replace twenty-three rooftop units for a shopping mall. The large heavy units were located on the roof of the mall in such a way that we needed to use a Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane helicopter to replace them. Having successfully worked with General Growth Properties on previous projects, they hired MYCO to do the work. Since this project had to take place when the mall was closed, and the helicopter was only permitted to carry loads during daylight, there were only two days available. The two days when the mall is closed are Christmas and Easter.  With the amount of business generated during the Christmas holiday season, Easter Sunday was chosen as the day.


Intense planning through the four months leading up to Easter Sunday allowed MYCO to coordinate with the FAA, State Police, Local Police, Local Fire Departments, Amtrak and of course the City. We needed to establish the flight path of the helicopter, section off a refueling station for the helicopter, control vehicle and foot traffic, plan for the sequencing of the trucks with the new units, provide a laydown area for the old units, coordinate locations for fire department readiness, crowd control, and most of all make sure everyone was safe.




As we were planning all of these items with the respective parties, we needed to clear the entire mall roof of the smallest debris to prevent flying objects from becoming harmful projectiles. To prevent harmful destruction to the mall’s roof, some of the large items on the roof of the mall needed to be secured further. The rotor wash from this powerful helicopter would reach speeds in excess of 90 mph. With one day to replace twenty-three units, every detail had to be accounted for and the entire day analyzed repeatedly to ensure nothing was missed. The sequencing of the twenty-three tractor-trailers was coordinated with local and state police for road closures. Amtrak rail lines ran under the mall and although they had a limited schedule for Easter Sunday, we needed to schedule our helicopter lifts to allow for the trains.



Successful Outcome

Through a concerted effort and well-planned effort, MYCO accomplished the installation successfully and achieved a zero incident day. This was a huge success for MYCO Mechanical and General Growth Properties.


"As owners and operators, our shopping centers across the country are never closed, except for Christmas Day and Easter. At Providence Place Mall in Rhode Island, MYCO was the only contractor that could do a large project for us on one of those days. They changed out every rooftop piece of HVAC on our property on Easter, in one day. Which is huge for us because the cost of shutting down a shopping center during an operating day is enormous."


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