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Our work at an Army Depot is a 4-year project that encompasses building 1A. Building 1A is approximately 150,000 square feet of renovated area, and sits between buildings 1B & 1C. This space is utilized by the military for various manufacturing ventures, ranging from simple electrical components, to high tech radar devices that are used by the Army all over the world.


MYCO Mechanical is tasked with installing a new hydronic & air driven HVAC system that will eventually serve all three portions of Building 1. The main heating system utilizes some steam applications, but, the main source of hydronic heat comes from three Lochinvar Boilers totaling 15,000,000 BTU’s. The cooling systems are charged from two new Trane Chillers, totaling over 1,000 tons of available cooling. The pumps for each system force the hot and chilled waters, each capable of pumping over 2,100 GPM (Heat) and 1,400 GPM (Cooling). Each hydronic system also utilizes Centrifugal Cleaners that keeps the water pure to increase the longevity of the equipment it serves.


Heated and cooled air is critical for both the manufacturing facility and the area of Tobyhanna itself. Outside temperatures can reach as low as below zero degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and well into the 90’s in the summer, making the HVAC systems crucial components for the occupants of the facility.


The air system consists of 13 new Trane Rooftop AHU’s & 135 Trane Fan Powered VAV’s. The hydronics is fed to the RAHU’s to temper the outside air to the spaces, then the VAV’s acclimate the air to individual space needs. Numerous electric and hydronic terminal pieces of equipment heat some of the areas that receive a good portion of outside air continuously, keeping all the occupants comfortable. All this is achieved with over nine miles of piping and close to 500,000 lbs of sheet metal. MYCO also is performing all the new plumbing required for this space. The system started with replacing over 1,000 feet of the building underground sanitary system. Then, an entirely new domestic water service was installed, including 3 new gas fire hot water heaters, 110 GPM water softener, 200+ fixtures and over 2 miles of copper piping. Also replaced were close to 100 roof drains and associated storm piping. The final piece to the plumbing puzzle was installing about 4,000 feet of compressed air piping and specialties utilized in their manufacturing processes.



Phases A & B are within three months of completion, so the ultimate success is still unknown. The base has provided MYCO with numerous additions to the contract, which have increased our contract value to over $12,000,000 in total revenue.


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